Hormones are chemical messengers. They’re produced in glands all through our physique, launched from these glands, and circulated to totally different organs. They affect all types of various features—like bone development, metabolism, and ovulation—that rely on the hormone launched and the cells it’s appearing on. For instance, hormones launched from the hypothalamus and pituitary glands in your mind stimulate your ovaries to develop and launch an egg, resulting in ovulation. Ovulation, then, causes us to make the hormone progesterone.

We now have dozens of hormones and tens of millions of hormone receptors, that are like docking ports on the surface of cells that permit hormones to enter and do their jobs. Estrogen is a tremendous instance of a hormone that does a lot. We now have estrogen receptors in our coronary heart, bones, and mind—not simply our uterus. That’s why estrogen can have an effect on a lot of our physique without delay, together with our menstrual cycles in addition to cognitive operate and bone density and so many different features. The identical is true of cortisol, our thyroid hormones, and lots of others.

These hormone techniques are additionally interconnected. Your thyroid operate impacts your manufacturing of estrogen, your ranges of estrogen influence your thyroid, your ranges of cortisol have an effect on thyroid operate, and your ranges of cortisol affect ovarian operate. These techniques are all speaking on a regular basis. It’s like a sport of phone. When the messages are getting communicated correctly, the features which might be imagined to be triggered by the hormones are in a position to do their jobs easily. However as in a sport of phone, the messages may not get handed on correctly. The messages may not even get handed on in any respect. Or there is perhaps some messages that get handed on too loudly, or too many messages taking place without delay. If the messages aren’t handed on appropriately, what’s imagined to occur on the different finish is like static on the channel. The messages might be confused. And that’s how hormonal points occur.

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