As we head into June, the mercury in our thermometers drops, your forgotten jumpers are taken out of their drawers, and umbrellas will be a common sight on the streets. As beautiful as winter is as a season, it’s a tricky season to keep yourself comfortable in. One minute you’re snuggled up with a good book and hot chocolate, the next minute you’re in a state of shock and denial after seeing your heating bill. Here are a few ways you can keep your savings in your wallet and yourself warm this winter.

Snuggle Up, Buttercup
Rather than turning up the dial on your heater, you can instead get snuggly in your blanket. It’s a bit of an obvious move, but you can really save some money on your heating bill if you slip on an extra jumper instead of turning up the dial on your heater. When it comes to night time, your heater shouldn’t stay on. Get snuggly with a warm duvet, one that is ideal for the winter cold, and won’t make you shiver in the middle of the night. If you keep the heater on over the course of the night, your room can get stuffy and uncomfortable. Having a warm, cosy quilt, however, can help you sleep better and won’t make you sweat at 3 in the morning.

Baby, It’s Cold Outside…Kinda
Often, at times you’d like to spend some time outside. So when it’s cold and grizzly outside, you should try and keep yourself as warm as possible. If you’re the type to invite friends around for dinner parties, the cold shouldn’t have to stop you! Even if it’s raining, you should be able to keep your friends feeling nice and toasty, without having to run inside the house screaming. You can enjoy dinner outside and have guests over for a dinner party, keeping them warm and entertained all at once, by introducing an outdoor heater to your backyard. Find out how to host the perfect dinner party here.

Mr Fix-It
Your home may be cold even when you’re snuggled up in a blanket wit the heater cranked up. This may happen because of a draft that is in your house. A great way to save some money and keep your home nice and warm is by fixing any gaps under doors or in windows. Creating airtight seals has many benefits. As an obvious one, they keep your home warmer, without introducing any cold drafts entering your home. They also will lower your heating bills, as you’ll start using your heater less. Keeping airtight seals throughout your home will also increase your property value; the benefits of creating airtight seals throughout your home are endless. Kirsty Lamont from Mozo has the perfect solution for those drafty days. “Plugging those sneaky leaks in the walls, windows and the roof can really prevent the heat from escaping your home. And it’s pretty easy and cheap to do – you can buy an old-fashioned door snake for under $10 and the savings made on your electricity bill as a result could be significant.” Find out more from Mozo by following them on Facebook.

Avoid Alcohol… No, Really
It’s the age-old saying that alcohol makes you warmer, but in actual fact it makes you feel quite the opposite. It’s been a remedy for the cold that has gone on for centuries, when St Bernard dogs would carry brandy in their collars to keep those at the Alps nice and warm. You may feel nice and warm after a couple of minutes of drinking alcohol, but in fact, alcohol makes you colder. You may feel warmer to start with, but that’s your blood vessels dilating as a reaction to the alcohol in your blood. The blood vessels reach your skin, explaining the warmth you feel. Your core, however, starts to feel cold. This is because the heat is taken away from your centre and drawn to your skin. As alcohol is a depressant, it slows down your circulation and the entire system. With slower circulation in your body, it means your blood will start pumping at a slower pace, which cools you down. So, avoid alcohol if you’re feeling a little chilly. It won’t help, sorry.

Keep The Heat At Your Feet
If you like to walk around barefoot at home, you can understand how awful it is to have cold feet. Sometimes wearing socks or a house isn’t enough, and you can still find yourself shaking in your boots. Jayden Hall from Renovator Store has the perfect answer for those who get chilly feet when they’re at home. “Under tile heating kits bring the luxury and comfort of warm tiled floors as you walk barefoot in your bathroom. Its precise heating system is designed for simple and easy installation, perfect for DIY projects. Some key features of under tile heating are:
Provides Invisible heat – A natural feeling of warmth right where you need it, with no fans or ducts
Safe and hygienic – The heat dries floor tiles and reduces chances of mould and cleaning requirements
Easy to control – Comes with a high quality touch-screen wall controller with backlight and 24/7 timer functionality” Find out more about the Renovator Store by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

As a season, winter is beautiful. You can stay indoors and snuggle up, but if your interior is feeling a little icy, winter isn’t exactly the greatest season of them all. These tips can help make this cold season feel warm and cosy, and it doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg!

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